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  • Jonathan Merrell

A Milestone Moment: Compact Medical Receives First Parts for the butterflyBVM

First shipment of rivets from Hanson Rivet and Supply Co. This is the arrival of the first parts that will be used in butterflyBVM units.

The arrival of a simple cardboard box marked the crossing of a much larger milestone in company history for Compact Medical. The company has now received its first shipment of parts (in this case thousands of rivets from Hanson Rivet and Supply Co.) that will be used in commercial butterflyBVM units. These unassuming pieces of metal mark the first time the company has received parts that are not only to be used in prototypes, but also in final butterflyBVM units.

Stay tuned as Compact Medical continues its life-saving journey, one rivet at a time, bringing us closer to a future where medical emergencies are met with only the most effective and innovative solutions.


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