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  • Jonathan Merrell

Compact Medical Founders Have Something to Say on "The Overrun" Podcast

Image Credit: The Overrun

Compact Medical founders Adam Scott and Jon Merrell take center stage in a recent episode of The Overrun Podcast hosted by Dan Schwester, and the spotlight is on the butterflyBVM. In Episode 85, titled "Building the Better BVM," Dan explores the claim that the team at Compact may just have invented the better mousetrap.

Listeners are treated to a deep dive into the innovation and technology that sets the butterflyBVM apart from traditional BVMs in emergency medical scenarios. Scott and Merrell share the journey behind Compact Medical's mission, the challenges they've overcome, and the unique features that make the butterflyBVM a game-changer.

This podcast episode serves as a dynamic platform for healthcare professionals, first responders, and enthusiasts to gain valuable insights into the future of emergency medical care; making it a natural fit for Compact Medical's message. Tune in to Episode 85 of The Overrun to hear more! Available at this link.


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