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Dec 2022 Render.png
Dec 2022 Render.png

minimal & smart

adjustable pop-off

adjustable tidal volume

ready for external PEEP, ET-CO2, and filter

enhanced ergonomics

oxygen reservoir free

Not available for sale in the United States.

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BBVM_ Better_edited.png


Giving patients a precise volume of air is not easy, but with a turn of a wheel you can restrict the Butterfly BVM’s maximum air output to match your patient’s needs. Follows Broselow and Handtevy groups and comes standard on every Butterfly BVM model.  


By restricting tidal volumes to safer levels, the risks to patients of hyperventilation are reduced.



Worried about barotrauma? Our PIP dial gives lifesavers unprecedented control over the pressures that they deliver to patients without the need for a manometer.



The Butterfly BVM is ready to adapt to complex scenarios by receiving standard PEEP valves, filters, and ET-CO2 detectors while also fitting all standard patient interfaces.

O2 reservoirFree

Do you hate the bags that hang off the back of BMVs? We do too. That's why we've engineered the Butterfly BVM to deliver optimal oxygen concentrations without a reservoir. 


Our compact design and 3-in-1 concept will simplify your inventory and save you space in your ambulance, helicopter, and storage room.

compact design

Unlike old BVMs (which look and feel like really large footballs), you will love the adaptive grip of the Butterfly BVM.

enhanced ergonomics

Each device is used on just one patient. We're working on a recycling program to help save Mother Earth.

single-use product

more "two

Dec 2022 Render Standard Model.png

butterflybvm standard 

tidal volume control, single-value pop-off, accessory ready, adaptive grip, handle, and O2-reservoir free design

Dec 2022 Render.png

butterflybvm advanced 

all the features of the standard model plus our adjustable peak pressure dial

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