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Compact Medical CEO Discusses Innovation Secrets on "Beyond the Ordinary" Podcast

Video Credit: Mammoth Technology

In addition to Christian faith, Compact Medical's CEO, Jon Merrell, and NFL quarterback Tim Tebow have something in common. Both have been guest speakers on the "Beyond the Ordinary" podcast with Tommy Martin.

In the engaging interview released today, Jon shared insights into a journey that led him from being a kid dreaming of becoming an inventor to a career as an engineer, doctor, and CEO of a disruptive medical device startup. The episode, available on Apple Podcasts, is packed with stories from Jon's life and includes tips to help future innovators reach for success while learning from life's most universal teacher: failure.

The interview also delves deep into the inception of Compact Medical; unfolding the story behind the development of the groundbreaking butterflyBVM and its potential to redefine emergency medical interventions.

Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of one innovator's journey, Compact Medical, and the transformative potential of the butterflyBVM.


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