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  • Jonathan Merrell

Compact Medical Launches Company's First Professional Video

In a significant stride towards boosting its online presence and awareness, Compact Medical recently collaborated with Indianapolis videographer, Carlos Bustos, to produce the company's inaugural professional video. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment for Compact Medical, as the company moves some resources from research and development into marketing and storytelling.

The video, now available for viewing on Compact Medical's YouTube channel, educates viewers on the challenges with traditional bag-valve-masks and immerses them in Compact's mission to reach #smarterCPR. The video also introduces viewers to Compact's team and the company's work to use its upward momentum as a force for greater good through the company's collaboration with the Hope Center.

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Carlos Bustos, an up-and-coming professional in the field of videography in Indianapolis, brought all his creative expertise to the project. His skills put the team at ease, his talent for editing and storytelling are evident on every frame, and the final video encapsulates Compact Medical's heart and core values. You can find more of Carlos's work here.

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Compact Medical's decision to venture into video creation is a strategic move to connect with a broader audience and communicate its mission in a more accessible format. As Compact embraces the power of video storytelling, this collaboration marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in the company's communication strategy, promising more engaging content in the future.


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