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  • Jonathan Merrell

Compact Medical Releases First Full Page Magazine Advertisement

Compact Medical's first full-page advertisement found in

the inside front cover of the Dec 2022 edition of EMS World Magazine.

As advertising legend Bill Bernach once put it, "The most powerful element in advertising is the truth.” Today, Compact Medical was thrilled to receive a paper copy of its first ever advertisement in the mail; a full-page feature on the inside front cover of EMS World Magazine. This strategic spotlight in a leading industry publication marks a significant milestone in our mission to revolutionize emergency medical care.

As EMS professionals turn the front cover of this month's "buying guide" they will be greeted with a bold statement. "Your patients deserve a better BVM." Truth.

The coveted inside front cover feature is a testament to our dedication to not just making a game-changing product for patient safety, but also to our determination to push that product into the hands of lifesavers everywhere. As we continue to break new ground in healthcare innovation, this first advertisement will serve as a launching pad for our efforts to engage with users and shape the future of emergency medical care.


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