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  • Jonathan Merrell

Compact Medical Shines Bright at 2023 EMS World Expo

Compact Medical reps, Jon Merrell (L) and Adam Scott (R) at the 2023 EMS World Expo conference in New Orleans where the butterflyBVM was recognized as a finalist for the 2023 EMS World Innovation Awards.

Amidst a host of innovative medical technologies, the butterflyBVM emerged as a standout, earning recognition as a finalist for the prestigious 2023 EMS World Innovation Awards at this year's EMS World Expo Conference in New Orleans.

The Expo provided an unparalleled platform for Compact Medical to showcase their groundbreaking product, the butterflyBVM, to a global audience of emergency medical professionals. Compact's innovative approach to manual ventilation technology captured the attention of attendees and industry experts alike. On the last day of the conference, more than one attendee remarked to company reps that the butterflyBVM had been "the talk of dinner last night."

One conference attendee turned out to be a TikTok influencer with over 840,000 followers who uses the handle, "The Sleepy Paramedic." After interacting with the butterflyBVM at the conference, the TikTok star released an [unsolicited] video about the product. In it, he explained that the butterflyBVM was "the coolest thing that [he] saw at the EMS Expo this year." The video has since gone viral and been viewed over 270,000 times and liked more than 35,000 times. "The Sleepy Paramedic's" endorsement underscores the innovation and potential impact of Compact Medical's revolutionary product.

Image Credit: EMS World Magazine

Being selected as a finalist for the 2023 EMS World Innovation Awards is a testament to Compact Medical's dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible for respiratory technology. It not only acknowledges the company's inventive spirit but also highlights the potential impact of the butterflyBVM on emergency medical services worldwide. You can see the butterflyBVM's announcement in EMS World magazine here.


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