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  • Jonathan Merrell

Compact Medical and Hope Center Indy: Empowering Lives through Innovation and Opportunity

Image Credit: Hope Center Indy

In a heartwarming collaboration, Compact Medical has joined forces with Hope Center Indy, a shelter dedicated to empowering women escaping human trafficking. After lengthy consideration, Compact Medical has decided to pass over more established manufacturers and give the contract for assembly of the butterflyBVM to a new company, housed in the Hope Center called, "316 Contract Manufacturing." This partnership goes beyond business—it’s about transforming lives and fostering hope.

Creating Opportunities, Empowering Survivors

Hope Center Indy provides a safe haven for women who have bravely escaped the horrors of human trafficking. By teaming up with Compact Medical, the center is not just offering shelter; it’s providing these survivors with an opportunity to rebuild their lives. Assembling the butterflyBVM will not only impart valuable skills and solid wages, but also generate an upward life-trajectory for residents.

316 Contract Manufacturing: Where Innovation Meets Compassion

Jake Flagle has been intimately involved in the development of the butterflyBVM and is leading the formation of the new company, 316 Contract Manufacturing. Jake is a veteran of the medical device industry in Indiana, and during his time at Cook Medical and Hologic, led the development and assembly of devices that have impacted millions of lives worldwide. The creation of 316 Contract Manufacturing signifies more than just a new facility. It’s a symbol of innovation, collaboration, and resilience. Within these walls, the butterflyBVM will take form and be prepared to be sent across the country to save lives. In the process, the lives of those closest to the assembly of the device will be changed for good.

Photo Credit: Hope Center Indy

A Future of Hope and Innovation

Compact Medical and Hope Center Indy's collaboration exemplifies the power of compassion-driven entrepreneurship. By combining innovation with social responsibility, the two organizations are not just assembling medical devices; they are building a future filled with hope and opportunity. As the butterflyBVM saves lives in medical emergencies, it will also help transform the lives of those who built it—a journey from vulnerability to empowerment, from despair to hope.

This partnership illuminates the path towards a future where compassion, innovation, and opportunity intersect, creating a world where people from all different backgrounds and experiences can achieve a common good.


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